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Monticello History Go Fund me Page

If you enjoy this Monticello History website then please consider contributing some money to the project.Hello my name is Todd Larson I have a deep passion for the history of Monticello Minnesota. 

This project has grown in to a much larger project that I could imagine. I have already collected thousands and thousands of photos and images to share on the website

My next step of this project is to create a better webpage and to begin filming video interviews with long time local residents of Monticello and get them to share their history and memories with the rest of us. I would like to purchase a newer laptop computer to process all of the video and to make it easier to update the webpage. I would also like to be able to cover expenses that will be incurred for these video interviews. I am looking to purchase a camera, microphones and a few other things in order to do a good job the first time with these interviews. I already have my first two interviews lined up. I am also in search of someone to help design a more robust and interactive yet easy to maneuver website for people to view all of the images that I have uploaded Those are my goals and plans on how to utilize this money.